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“Samson’s “I” Problem.” by David Johnson

Samson was a incredibly strong man, with a dangerously weak will. He had all the God giving potential handed to him and he used it for all the wrong reasons. He was selfish always using his strength to glorify himself instead of God. With Samson it was always I! Look at what I have done, I killed 1000 philistines, I killed a lion. Samson never gave The glory to God. Looking at Samson’s life I hope to never take for grated the gifts that God has placed on the  inside of me. The thing I like the most about Samson’s story is how Gods grace still returned to Samson before died. When he repented of his sins, God restored his strength and at his death did more for the glory of God then when he was living.


“Brave, courageous, and humble.” by David Johnson

King David was a brave and courageous man.  He fought many battles for The Lord and his zeal for God was like no other King.  King Davids life was great and heroic and he fought many great battles but the greatest victory he won was over sin.

Throughout King David’s life he partook in things that were wrong in the eyes of The Lord. Though his sin was great, his humility before God has greater. James 4:8 says “Wash your hands, purify your heart you sinner and humble yourself before The Lord.”  King David was a perfect example of this verse. In his humility and reverence for The Lord there was no one like David in Gods eyes.  God was very pleased with David and made an everlasting covenant that David’s kingdom would never fail. From generation to generation, when kingdoms would fall away from Gods commands.  In his love  for David, God would change the circumstances to keep his promise to David. And Gods promise still stands firm today because our lord Jesus Christ a descendent of King David is on the throne forever!


Strength and honor,

“God is always faithful to His word.” by David Johnson

One thing that I admire about Joshua was his faith in God and his faith in the leadership God had in place at the time. When Moses told Joshua to get the army ready, they were going into battle against the Amalekites.  Joshua, without hesitation and without doubt, prepared a strong army.  Joshua knew God was using Moses in a mighty way to bring victory for the Israelites. He showed great courage in his leadership and encouragement to those he was leading.  Even when the ten spies said it was impossible to take the promise land Joshua had faith in God that he would fulfill all his promises.

In life when things seem bigger than we can handle, we always should stop and remember God will always stay faithful to his word.

Strength and honor

David Johnson

“Boaz. A man of honor & integrity.” by David Johnson

Boaz was a man of outstanding character, a mighty man that display many characteristics of a warrior. He was a protector, a man of integrity and a compassionate leader.  From the moment Boaz saw Ruth gleaning in the field, He felt compelled to protect her and Naomi. He told his servants to leave extra wheat for her to pick up and allowed her to drink from the men’s water.

Boaz was an amazing man of integrity. When Ruth went to the threshing floor Boaz treated her with respect and did the honorable thing by taking the proper steps to making her his wife.

Boaz was a very compassionate man of God. How nice it must of been for his workers to be greeted every morning with a blessing. He also showed great compassion to Naomi by restoring her faith after she lost her husband and sons and had to move.

What an amazing example Boaz sets for us as Christian men. An example that I will strive for in my every day walk with the Lord.

Strength and honor,

David Johnson

“From Fear to Confidence… Gideon” by David Johnson

Gideon was a warrior full of doubt and didn’t realize the strength God had given him to conquer great things. While Gideon was hiding in a pit of defeat, being patient with Gideon, God had to prove to him that He had chosen him for greatness.

Once God began to build Gideon’s confidence, he became a strong leader. God used Gideon and his tribe to tear down the altar of Baal and defeat the Midianites with only 300 warriors. And they gave God all the glory.

Gideon’s story has given me the confidence that, with Gods amazing power in my life, I can also overcome fear and doubt and do great things for The Lord.

Strength and honor.

David Johnson