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”Jesus Christ’s Weapon of Choice is Love.” by Eddie Oliveras

We all know the miracles that Jesus performed and we also know the teachings He gave us. But what I think makes Jesus the Perfect Warrior is the love he had for EVERYONE. He did not only preach to love your enemies, Jesus literally did. (Luke 23:34)

Jesus also loved his neighbors more than He loved Himself. He came to this dirty world knowing that at some point, He was going to have to show his ultimate love, by sacrificing Himself so that we ALL can be freed.

Prior to being beaten, then crucified on the cross, Jesus accepted and took the place of the man who deserved to be punished in the worst way. Who, other than God, can show that much love?

That amazes me, because any one of us would be quick to defend ourselves when spoken of falsely. Jesus suffered and gave His life to show us how much He loves us, we are obligated to show the love Christ did. (Romans 13:8)


“King David. A Man After God’s Own Heart.” by Eddie Oliveras

After reading scripture and other studies on King David, there is a lot to learn.  Even though he dedicated his life to God and followed His commands, he did what all  humans do… fall short, stumble, mess up, and get sucker punched.  But we have to be like King David and never lose sight of God!

King David was a courageous warrior and mighty man of God.   He won many battles, beginning  with defeating Goliath and then killing the enemies of Israel by trusting that God will always protect him.

His flaw were serious ones.  The two main ones being lust over another man’s wife and then murder.  King David knew he messed up.  But he continued to seek God’s forgiveness knowing that he will still  have to face the consequences of his sin.

Lessons I learned from doing this Study:

-It is necessary that we acknowledge our own sins.
-We may be able to fool ourselves/others; but we cannot hide our sins from God.
-God will always offer forgiveness, but we cannot escape the consequences of discipline.


~ Eddie Oliveras ~

“The Warrior Samson… Judges 13-16” by Eddie Oliveras

So what I got from the Samson’s story was that he was given power and strength from God. The problem that Samson had was that he started to lose his faith in God by depending solely on hair. He believed that the only reason he had his strength was because he has never cut his hair. His 7 locks of hair became his idol. Samson also fell short of God’s glory by giving into the fleshly desires. By letting his desires of this world get the better of him, he gave up his covenant that he and his parents made with God, which was to never cut his hair. He depended on his hair so much that once it was gone he lost his strength. Once Samson realized that it wasn’t his hair, but God is what gave him is strength.

The things I learned from this story was to always give God the glory He deserves and DO NOT put your faith on the things that God gave you! Another thing is that God will never leave you, even after the things you’ve done. He blessed Samson that one last time to prove to him and the Philistines that the strength didn’t come from his hair, but from God.

Eddie Oliveras

“Joshua the Warrior” by Eddie Oliveras

What I got from reading the Book of Joshua was that he was faithful to God. He trusted that The Lord was with him as long as he was with God. Joshua was not afraid being out numbered and out gunned in any battle The Lord gave to him. God guaranteed Joshua and the Israelites were protected as long as they followed every detailed instruction given to them.

One thing that stood out to me, not as odd, but as humbling was Joshua 5:13-15.   Joshua was told that he was going to go into battle and concur Jericho.   He had nothing to be afraid of because the power of God was with him. But when he confronts a man who is standing in front of him with a sword drawn, he asks “Are you and friend or foe?”, the man replies that he is the Commander of The Lord’s Army.  Without hesitation Joshua drops down with his face in the ground, calls himself a servant, and then asks what he can do to please The Lord.  That shows me that Joshua knows his place even after God confirms his power and authority on earth plus all the battles he will win.

I think that being humble and faithful, no matter how many victories we may have in life, are some characteristics that we can take away from The Book of Joshua.

“Boaz’ love for God and his Servants” by Eddie Oliveras


All I can say is wow!

The first thing that came to me about Boaz was that he was a true warrior of The Lord.  Not because he went into battle through war, but through his generosity and kindness.  I felt as if he didn’t see himself higher than any of his servants.  I think he looked at himself and others all as “Servants of God”.  We should learn from Boaz and never underestimate the effect our generosity can have on other people. When we give to others in the name of Christ, (as Boaz did) we should not be surprised if some become believers and others renew their trust in the Lord. All of us should be looking for opportunities to give out our time and resources generously without expecting something in return.


Boaz is a great example of that.


~ Eddie Oliveras ~