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“Jesus. The Ultimate in Godly Leadership.” by Kirby Barnett

Jesus was God’s leader. This was shown in John 3:1-21. Nicodemus recognized something special about Jesus. Jesus seemed to possess a unique authority in everything He did or said. So Nicodemus confessed to Jesus, “No one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him”(John 3:2). With this statement Nicodemus showed his understanding of the identity of Jesus Christ. Nicodemus also recognized that God had sent Jesus. But it was much more than that. He wasn’t just sent, he was God in the flesh. Since none of us could match His leadership, He led by example and provided a model we can follow. This can be done by allowing His spirit to empower and guide us.

There is no better example of godly leadership then what Jesus Christ did in Luke. Everything He did, every word He spoke was an example of godly leadership. Jesus would help those that needed Him most. He healed the sick, cast out evil spirits, and raised the dead. All of the people that Jesus ministered and helped had needs. They hoped that not only would He help them, but he would show them compassion. Jesus being the perfect man, fulfilled all of their needs and did not disappoint. In Luke 7:16, this was displayed by the people saying “A great prophet has risen up among us”, and “God has visited His people”. So again, we need to allow God’s spirit to guide and direct us to help the people of the world. It is our job as believers and leaders of Christ to show love and compassion to those in need and open the door for them to know Jesus. This is an extremely tough challenge, but we must strive daily to be more Christ like. In my humble opinion, by showing love and compassion we will help others and win more people to His kingdom. Jesus was the ultimate teacher and leader. Continue to strive to be more like Him.

“David’s Great Example of Leadership.” by Kirby Barnett

David was a leader and had influence before he became king. Being a man of God, he lead Israel out and was their shepherd. So David brought people together even before he was king. David enjoyed and allowed God to lead him. God told him to be the shepherd of His people of Israel and be the ruler over them.

David was a great leader because unlike Saul, David accepted anyone. (In my humble opinion, much like Summerville Family Worship Center. It is such a loving and accepting place of worship.) While bringing up leaders, David would get the best out of every situation, and always affirmed his men. He would motivate them with words of encouragement.

David was also very bold and courageous. Even when Adonijah presumed to be king David listened to the Lord. David followed his direction and anointed Soloman as King. David wanted to ensure Soloman succeeded as king and advised him to walk in obedience to the Lord and follow his commands and decrees. David wanted to reiterate this to Soloman so that he know how to prosper and be a great leader. Even a greater leader than David. This is how we all should bring up others, including our children. David had a style of leadership that all wanted to imitate. David was a great example of leadership.

“Passing along wisdom is as important as attaining it.” by Kirby Barnett

When God chose Joshua, He gave specific detailed instructions of direction, encouragement, and support. This was a divine call to Joshua. This requires a great leadership trait which is listening. Joshua also had great vision. When the Lord allowed them to cross the Jordan river, Joshua wanted other generations to know Gods miraculous works. So Joshua had each tribe get a stone from the riverbed and stack them on the bank of the river so when asked what they were, they would know of Gods miracles and what He has done. Most of all, what I appreciate about Joshua is his obedience to the Lord. By being obedient, he was a servant to the Lord, and that’s all we need to be. Joshua came up under the “wing” of Moses. In my humble opinion, Joshua’s biggest mistake is he did not train and pass along the gifts and knowledge to someone else before he died. So we as the Kings men need to encourage, support, and lift up others to build Gods kingdom as is happening with the Kings men’s group. Thank you to the leaders of the Kings men’s group for all you do.

“Have faith in God’s plan for your life.” by Kirby Barnett

I think we need to realize that God has a plan laid out for all of us. As He informed Manoah and his wife of the plan for Samson, the same is with each of us. We must have faith in Him with the plan He has for us. We also need to understand that with the Lord leading and protecting us, that we can overcome all things. As Samson did when the Lord helped him destroy a lion with his bare hands. As the Kings men, we need to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord to conquer all battles. As Samson was bound with rope the Lord came and removed them. Then Samson was able to defeat 1000 men with a jaw bone. All this possible because of the Lord. As Samson’s last stand against the Philistines, he showed great courage knowing he would die when he and the Lord destroyed their temple. We as men need to understand and have faith that as we continue to seek God and allow him to work in us, He will show His favor for us and help us overcome any obstacle.

“Boaz… An Inspirational Leader.” by Kirby Barnett

Boaz shows great leadership by blessing those that worked in his fields when he arrives. ┬áHis willingness and kindness he shows to those he initially meets is another great leadership trait. This is what Boaz did with Ruth. Boaz treats his servants with respect. Boaz is also caring, thoughtful, and generous. This is displayed when Ruth was on the threshing floor with Boaz. He sent her back to her mother in-law with barley. Boaz is also a selfless man. He did what needed to be done in order to maintain the name of the dead with the purchase of the property. He did not want their name to be forgotten. In my humble opinion, Boaz is a strong leader due to these character traits I’ve listed. I believe he was such a great leader because he was a man of God, and was guided by Love.

I am inspired to be more like Boaz.