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“Physical battles or spiritual battles, the Lord brings victory!” by Robert Shipman

Although Joshua was talking about his military battles and the territory, I can apply the principles by which God had worked there with my spiritual battles I face everyday. If we listen to God it does not matter if it is a military or spiritual battle he will get us though the battle we just have to follow him.


“Even on the run David trusted God” by Robert Shipman

David had to make a choice to run or stay and let Saul have him killed. As a young man David did not run from any task that God gave him and as a King, David had to run because Saul had put a hit out on him.  David would go from cave to cave to stay alive and like us we run from one sin to another sin. Once David fully dependent on God nothing matter anymore. The same applies to us when we depend on God nothing matters anymore.

“Jesus Saves Souls and Lives” by Robert Shipman

Let me first talk about my run in with Jesus back in the summer of 1988 when I took a .357 with semi hollow point rounds to my head. I wanted to die I was at rock bottom and felt like no one cared about me. So one warm afternoon I had wrote a note and place it at my church door, my parents door, and my front door which read bang bang now he is dead took a .357 to his head no one knows why and no one cares bang bang now he is dead. Then I took the .357 and try the first round did not go off, nor the second, nor the third, and so on and Jesus said to me did I not die on the cross for you. Did I not take your sins away. Don’t you know my father in heaven and myself love you? My father’s work with you is not done yet. When the police came to the house and saw the .357 and saw that the primer had been hit they had no answer. My father (on earth) took the round in the box and fired them. To this day all I can say is that Jesus and The Lord stopped the rounds from discharging. There is no other like Jesus who saw my sadness and ask his father if he could come and be with me. Beside who else would die for us. Be blessed.

“A supporting warrior” by Robert Shipman

As I read the Book of Ruth and the acts of kindness and passion I can see myself in the same shoes as Boaz in my job.  I truly care about the people that come into the office and I feel their pain, joy, and happiness.  With that I always bring God in to the room with “You know you should turn this over to God.”  or “Isn’t God awesome.”

Boaz and I are the type of warrior I call the supporting warrior.